HOW DO YOU SHOOT? I shoot digitally and with assisted natural light. My studio is located on Main Street in Santa Monica, CA, 2 blocks from the beach. It is a beautiful second floor walk up unit that looks out to Main Street. If climbing stairs is problematic for you please let us know right away so we can make other accommodations for your shoot. The studio is completely indoors so environmental factors (wind, rain) aren't an issue. I create very organically, and decisions about the design and feel of a photographs are custom to each client. We are dog friendly, so please let us know if you have dog allergies so we can leave our pup at home the day of your shoot!

HOW FAR OUT ARE YOU BOOKED? I am booked 2-4 weeks in advance, but it can slightly vary based on the time of year. I do have a cancellations list, please let me know at the time of your booking if you would like to be placed on it!

HOW MANY LOOKS SHOULD I DO?  There are three main types of looks: commercial, theatrical, and character. If you don't have an agent yet but are looking to get an agent, 2 looks is ideal (one commercial and one theatrical). If you have an agent, speak to her or him and ask what they want you to specifically get. For corporate business clients, 1 or 2 looks is appropriate.

CAN I BRING MY OWN MAKEUP ARTIST?  To uphold the professional integrity of my photographic design, bringing your own makeup artist is not advised. I have been working with two highly professional artists for years, and both of them have been extensively trained both professionally and in supporting my specific shooting style.  

CAN I BRING PEOPLE WITH ME TO MY SHOOT? All photo shoots are closed sets. Adult clients cannot bring guests unless medical assistance is required. Every so often a manager or agent will want to attend a photoshoot. This is not advised. Headshots are designed to showcase a level of intimacy through the eyes, and in order to do this we need your full attention. Our studio is small, and extra people create distractions for the photographer and makeup artist, which makes it difficult to create great photographs. For all of these reasons, it is greatly advised to leave your friends, managers, girlfriends, boyfriends, and pet rocks at home. Clients under 18 must be accompanied by one legal guardian.

     FOR WOMEN: Yes, a professional makeup artist is highly advised unless you are trained in doing makeup. Think of your photo shoot with Tuohy Photography as the next stepping stone to your career. Our makeup artists are professionally trained and have been working with Tuohy Photography for many years. The makeup artist, who stays with you from start to finish, will provide you with a full makeup application, prepare and maintain your camera-ready hair by adding curls, straighten it, add volume, etc... when you arrive, and make sure your clothes are in place. We ask that you style your hair at home before arriving, or go to a blow out bar. This is an important step as it will ensure your photos will look the most like you. If you would like to use your own makeup artist, please let us know at the time of your booking.
     FOR MEN: If your skin is perfect, then you don't need a makeup artist. If you have problematic skin, then an artist is advised. If you plan to shave but haven't shaved in a long time, the skin under your beard may be lighter due to lack of sun exposure. The makeup artist can balance out your skin tone and blemishes. Our makeup artists maintain your hair and make sure your clothes are in place until the end of your session.
     FOR TEENS: A makeup artist is advised for teenagers who are experiencing the natural changes into adulthood to hide blemishes and other impurities that will show up on the camera. If the teenager has flawless skin, then an artist is not necessary.
     FOR KIDS: Most agents want kids to look like kids in their head shots, so a makeup artist is not always necessary. Younger kids with perfect skin do not need a makeup artist; however, parents should use their own discretion for those with blemishes or discolorations. Parents who opt to shoot without a makeup artist should bring lip balm or gloss, powder to hide shine, and mascara for the upper eye lashes.  

DO YOU ALLOW CLOTHING CHANGES WITHIN ONE LOOK?  One look = one outfit. However, we do allow for layering and use of accessories. 

HOW SHOULD I PLAN FOR MY SHOOT? These are tips collected over the years that will make your photo shoot much more manageable. 

  • Treat your session like an audition or job interview. Arrive on time! Do not arrive early... arrive on time. If you arrive early, wait in your car or visit a cafe on Wilshire.  
  • ‘Book out’ the day of the shoot. Tell your agents and/or manager not to schedule you for auditions or jobs. 
  • Allow enough time to request time off of work for your session.
  • Plan enough time for pre-shoot grooming. Do not wait until the last minute to get a waxing, haircut, or tan. This has proven disastrous too many times. 
  • Prior to your scheduled session, you will receive detailed instructions with your session's information and wardrobe tips (my prep sheets are incredibly detailed so you will be totally prepared for your shoot!).
  • If you are feeling tired, stressed out, or struggling with something difficult in your personal life, then this negativity will reflect on your face in your photographs. Do what is necessary to come to your session refreshed, positive, and ready to put on your very best show. 

HOW LONG IS A PHOTO SHOOT?  An average session lasts 1.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on your session's needs. Please note: Shoot lengths vary in time depending on the needs of each client. All times listed are approximate.

HOW MANY DIGITAL PHOTOS WILL I RECEIVE?  You will receive about 50-75 shots per look.

IF I HAVE AN AGENT, WHAT ADDITIONAL STEPS SHOULD I TAKE?  Please ask your agents what specific types of looks they need from you. Some, but not all, agents will want to approve your wardrobe or hairstyles ahead of time. Do not bombard them with photos, but asking doesn't hurt. When you arrive to your session, we will offer our wardrobe and hair recommendations, but it is your responsibility to communicate with your agent prior to your shoot day. Reshoots require additional charges.

WHAT IF IT RAINS THE DAY OF OUR SHOOT?  In case it is raining the day of your shoot, have no fear, we shoot rain or shine. My studio is inside with controlled lighting.

WHAT IS YOUR RESHOOT POLICY?  There are two types of reshoots:

  1. There is not a reshoot charge for technical problems (equipment malfunction, computer malfunction, etc...), weather or other types of unforeseen cancellations determined by the photographer.
  2. There is a reshoot charge for creative changes or an agent's changes. It is your responsibility to speak up during your session if you do not like the way you look. During the process, we will have an ongoing conversation about what you like and don't like, and your honesty is very important to help us achieve the looks you feel most comfortable with. 

DO I NEED IMAGE CONSULTING?  If you are seeking additional pre-shooting wardrobe assistance, then contact Buckley Sampson. She will prepare you for your photo shoot with Tuohy Photography as well as future auditions, if interested. Email: or visit her website: This is an optional service.

HOW DO I PAY FOR MY SESSION?  An online deposit of $100 is required to complete your reservation, and it is only refundable 7 or more days prior to your scheduled session. The remainder of the session's fee is due the day of the shoot. Cash is preferred. If you are paying by check, then there is a strict 7 day hold on your photos to allow for your check to clear. Payments made by credit card or Paypal will have an additional 3% fee. The makeup artist and the photographer are paid separately, so be prepared to pay for both when you arrive.


  • 7 days or more before your shoot day: You will receive a full refund of your deposit. 
  • Changes made 4-7 days before your shoot day: Your deposit will be transferred to a new shoot day. You can transfer the deposit only once. Cancellations close to your shoot day make our schedule more difficult so please use this option only if you truly need to.
  • Changes made 3 days (72 hours) before your scheduled appointment time: Your deposit will not be refunded. A new deposit is required to reschedule.

HOW WILL I RECEIVE MY DIGITAL PHOTOS?  You will receive an email that includes a zip file, detailed instructions, and a link to an online photo gallery that includes a personalized password protected just for you.

  • Payments made with cash, by charge, or PayPal: all images are emailed to you within 2 to 4 days after your photo shoot. Notify the photographer of rush order requests. 
  • Payments made by check: all images are emailed to you 7 days after your photo shoot.

WHERE SHOULD I PRINT HEADSHOTS? These two businesses are reliable and professional.

WHAT IF I NEED RETOUCHES? Professional retouches are made by my husband, Brett. Email requests to Include the image file numbers you want retouched. For example: "yourname_1234.jpg". Attaching them in the email is not necessary since he will have the originals.  Additional information:

  • Price per image: $20
  • Includes softening under-eyes, softening fine lines, removing blemishes, cleaning up fly-aways, whitening teeth, brightening/whitening eyes
  • Turn-around time: 1 to 3 days
  • Included: a high resolution file for printing, plus resized images for LA casting and Actors Access.
  • Advanced retouching requests will receive a quote before starting. 

I WOULD LIKE TO POST THESE PHOTOS TO SOCIAL MEDIA, HOW DO I CREDIT YOU? Credit Tuohy Photography anytime you post photos on Facebook or any other networking sites. How to credit: "Photo by Kat Tuohy Photography" or "". If on Instagram: Follow @thekattuohy or use the hashtag: #tuohyphotography.
Thanks so very much!

Photographer does not warrant the longevity in quality of any digital media or files delivered to client. Client bears the sole responsibility for backing up, archiving, and maintaining the integrity of the files. The work created by Photographer during the assignment constitutes the copyrighted work of Photographer. The work at all times shall remain the property of Photographer. Any portion of the work delivered to client is for client’s personal use only.  Client may not sell or reproduce, nor authorize the sale or reproduction of, any portion of the work without the photographers written consent.  The only reproduction that is allowed is only for the purpose of promoting themselves in their line of business.