LIGHTING, LOCATION, STYLE:   I shoot digitally and with natural light. My studio is located in Santa Monica, CA and is an open-aired studio - meaning it is indoors but open to the outside. I tend to shoot in a very organic style and make decisions about backgrounds and feel once I meet clients.

HOW FAR OUT ARE YOU BOOKED?:   Typically 2-3 weeks but can vary slightly based on the time of year.

HOW MANY LOOKS SHOULD I DO?   If you don't have an agent and the purpose of these shots is to get you an agent, 2 looks is perfect (one commercial and one theatrical). Once you get an agent they may request specific looks from you so to get more than that at this point can be unnecessary. Any more than 2 (without an agent) would only be for specific character looks. If you do have an agent, speak to your agent and ask how many and what types of looks they want from you. Usually they'll have very specific needs and will tell you exactly what to get. For corporate clients, 1-2 is appropriate.

CAN I BRING MY OWN MAKEUP ARTIST?   I prefer if you don't. A big part of how I do what I do is because of my makeup artists and the strong working relationship that I have with them. I have 2 main girls that I primarily work with and they have been extensively trained for my specific shooting style and I absolutely adore them.

BRINGING PEOPLE WITH YOU TO YOUR SHOOT:  My photoshoots are closed sets. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by one legal guardian.

     FOR WOMEN: I always recommend having a professional makeup artist on set. Only consider doing your own makeup if you are 100% confident in your makeup skills and have had a lot of experience doing her own makeup for photoshoots. All of the artists I work with are professionally trained and have been working with me for many years. They will provide you with a full makeup application, help maintain your hair, and make sure your clothes are in place. We do ask that you style your hair at home before your shoot time (or go to a blow out bar) as this will be the best way you will look like you in the photos (or be able to recreate the look easily on your own). The makeup artist will make your hair camera ready when you arrive (add curl, straighten, add volume, etc if need be) but we need a nice base to work with. The makeup artist does stay through the entire photo shoot. I do prefer you use one of my artists as they are trained in the style I shoot. If you would like to use your own makeup artist please let me know at the time of your booking.
     FOR MEN: If your skin is perfect, you don't need a makeup artist. If you have problematic skin, you may want to consider it. Also if you will be shaving and you haven't shaved in a long time the skin under your beard may be lighter (as it hasn't been exposed to sun like the other parts of your face has)...a makeup artist can help even this color differences out. The biggest thing (in my opinion) is when you have skin discoloration or heavy acne. Look at your face in daylight and if you see some parts are different shades then the others then you may want to get a makeup artist to help smooth this out. Small blemishes can be retouched in photoshop. My makeup artists also help maintain your hair, and make sure your clothes are in place and act as my my second pair of eyes during the entire shoot.
     FOR TEENS: Often when kids start to hit those 'changing' years they start to have more problematic skin. Generally, I do recommend a makeup artist for teenagers unless they either have perfect skin or are extremely comfortable doing their own makeup for the camera.
     FOR KIDS: Younger kids with perfect skin don't need a makeup artist. For those that fall into this category I usually will recommend the parents to bring a little lip balm/gloss, and perhaps consider a tiny bit of mascara for the upper lash for girls and powder if they are shiny. Most agents want kids to look like kids in their headshots so sometimes a makeup artist isn't necessary for the younger ones. As kids age they can start to have discoloration in their skin - if you look at them and see sun discoloration (one part of their face is more tan than another) or a lot of acne then you may want to consider a makeup artist. I do recommend it more for teenagers who are going through growth spurts and have skin issues, they may need a little extra help for their shoot.

DO YOU ALLOW CLOTHING CHANGES WITHIN ONE LOOK?:  One look = one outfit. However we do allow for layering and use of accessories. 

PLANNING FOR YOUR SHOOT:  Treat your session like an audition or job interview. ‘Book out’ the day of the shoot. Tell your agents and/or manager not to schedule you for auditions or jobs. Allow enough time to request off of work for your shoot and plan enough time for pre-shoot grooming. Don't wait until the last minute to get a waxing, haircut, or tan. I’ve seen many last minute grooming sessions end in disaster so please plan at least a week for salon visits. Prior to your shoot day I will email you detailed instructions with all of your shooting information and tons of wardrobe tips (my prep sheets are incredibly detailed so you will be totally prepared for your shoot!).

DAY OF THE SHOOT:  Please arrive on time. If you are early please grab a cup of coffee at a close cafe (there’s a few on Wilshire) or wait in your car as we often have a client before your scheduled time. If you’ve had a bad day please try your best to ‘leave the drama at the door’. While we often will be able to sympathize with your situation (everyone has bad days), bringing negativity into your shoot will only reflect poorly on your photos. As much as it sucks sometimes, do your best to suck it up, and you can vent to us after your shoot! If you are having a really really bad day we would rather you cancel (yes you will lose the deposit) than show up and take photographs where you look angry or are crying.

LENGTH OF SHOOT:   Generally a shoot will take anywhere from 1.5 to 3.5 hours depending on your session needs.

AMOUNT OF PHOTOS YOU WILL RECEIVE:   You will receive about 50-75 shots per look.

IF YOU HAVE AGENT REPRESENTATION:   Please ask your agents what looks they need from you. I do encourage approving wardrobe through agents, however please be aware that not all agents like this (but some like it). So just please communicate with your agent whether or not they want to see your final wardrobe before your shoot day (either way don't bombard your agents with photos, they hate that).  We will offer our wardrobe and hair recommendations during your shoot but it is your responsibility to communicate with your agent prior to your shoot day. Reshoots for wardrobe or hair style preferences are not allowed so approving hair style (up or down, curly or straight) with the wardrobe you will be wearing with your agent prior to your shoot can save you a lot of grief later. 

WEATHER RESTRICTIONS:   If you wake up in the morning and it is raining, call me if you haven't heard from me already. Shoots are cancelled under the discretion of the photographer only, any client cancellations without photographers approval is subject to a forfeit of the deposit.

RESHOOTS:   There is no charge for reshoots due to technical issues (equipment malfunction, computer malfunction, etc.) However, due to the creative nature of what we do, free reshoots for any other reason are not allowed. The photographer and stylist make recommendations regarding your makeup, hair, and wardrobe, but the client always has the final approval. It is your responsibility if you do not like something the day of the shoot to say so. Otherwise, we will make the best decision we can for the style of your shoot based on our expertise.

IMAGE CONSULTING (OPTIONAL):   If you are looking for extra pre-shooting wardrobe help, I highly recommend image consultant Buckley Sampson. Buckley will help prepare you not only for our shoot but for auditions to come. Buckley Sampson / /

PAYMENT POLICY:   A deposit of $100 is required to complete your reservation and is refundable only 7 days or more prior to your shoot day. The remainder of the session fee is due the day of the shoot. If you are paying by check, there is a strict 7 day hold on your photos to allow your check to clear. The makeup artist and the photographer are paid separately so please be prepared to bring payment forms appropriate for both.

7 days or more before your shoot day: A full refund of your deposit is available
Changes made 3-7 days before your shoot day: your deposit may only be transferred to a new shoot day. You may transfer the deposit only once. Cancellations this close to your shoot day do make my schedule more difficult so please do this only if you really need to.
Changes made 3 days (72 hours) before your scheduled appointment time: your deposit will be forfeited. A new deposit is required to rebook.

HOW YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR PHOTOS:   All images are emailed to you within 2-4 days after your shoot (unless you are paying with check there is a strict 7 day hold on the photos until your check has cleared). You will receive a link to your personal password protected gallery and a zip file with all the images from your session as well as detailed instructions.

If you are in a rush to receive your photos please let me know prior to your shoot so I can accommodate you. Every session goes through a process of color correcting, image adjustments, and resizing before I send anything out. 

I love these two places:
Argentum Photo LabPhone:
Model Printing

All of my retouching is done by my in-house retoucher, Brett (my husband - yup, we’re a family business!).
* Email requests to:
* In your email include: the image numbers you would like retouched (no need to attach them to the email, he has the originals). The image number should look like this: yourname_1234.jpg.
* Turn-around time: 2-3 days
* Price per image: $15 (for basic retouching)
* Basic retouching includes: softening under-eyes, softening fine lines, removing blemishes, cleaning up fly-aways, whitening teeth, brightening/whitening eyes. (anything past this is advanced retouching and will be quoted per job)
* Also includes: A high resolution file for printing as well as images re-sized for LA casting and Actors Access.

Please credit me anytime you post any photos on Facebook or any other networking sites:
How to credit: Photo by Kat Tuohy Photography or
Instagram: @thekattuohy or #tuohyphotography. Thanks so very much!!!

Photographer does not warrant the longevity in quality of any digital media or files delivered to client. Client bears the sole responsibility for backing up, archiving, and maintaining the integrity of the files. The work created by Photographer during the assignment constitutes the copyrighted work of Photographer. The work at all times shall remain the property of Photographer. Any portion of the work delivered to client is for client’s personal use only.  Client may not sell or reproduce, nor authorize the sale or reproduction of, any portion of the work without the photographers written consent.  The only reproduction that is allowed is only for the purpose of promoting themselves in their line of business.